6th Framework Programme (2002-2006)
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Publications: 'Varieties of Capitalism' and Economic Governance in CE Europe (STACEE)

Articles in journals and edited volumes, Working Papers

Hancké, Robert and Rhodes, Martin (2005), “EMU and Labour Market Institutions in Europe: The Rise and Fall of National Social Pacts,” Work and Occupations: An International Sociological Journal, spring-summer 2005.

Contributions to conferences, workshops, lectures, etc.

Hancké, Robert (2008), How coordinated capitalism emerges in Central Europe. Paper presented at EGOS annual conference, Amsterdam 4-7 July 2008
Innes, Abby (2005), From Soft Budget Constraint to the Budgetary Straitjacket: Why Central European States are in a developmental Bind. Paper presented at the 17th Annual Meeting / SASE conference, Budapest, 30 June - 2 July 2005
Janovskaia, Alexandra and others (2007). The concept of flexicurity: Southern and East European countries compared, Social security and the labour market: A mismatch? Paper presented at 5th International Research Conference on Social Security, Warsaw, 5-7 March 2007

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