6th Framework Programme (2002-2006)
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For the purpose of the comparative – quantitative and qualitative – analysis of social pacts and related agreements and “new” forms of governance between public authorities, unions and employers, the University of Amsterdam has developed a database covering economic, political and institutional data in 26 advanced economies over a range of 45 years. The economic and political data are from international sources like the OECD, United Nations, ILO and Worldbank. The institutional data, with measurements for various types and forms of social pacts and agreements, was developed specifically for the project and is based on new data, using the 7 national reports as well as various other sources for other countries. The database is meant to be a “public source” for the use of researchers and policy-makers – as a source of documentation and as an analytical instrument. In its final form, the database will consist of a numerical file for statistical operations (in excel), and textfile with brief descriptions of social pacts and agreements (in access/word) and a source file (in access/word). Currently, the excel file is ready and available for researchers (restricted). When all three files are ready, the ICTWSS database will be available through the web, pending permission from authors whose work is cited, code-checking across text and numerical files, and technical preparation needed for interactive use (for instance, authorisation of changes and updates). The research team foresees measures allowing interactive use of the database. We intend to have the database ready for (unrestricted) public use per 1-1-2008.

The numerical ICTWSS database, developed for the purpose of statistical analysis, is in excel format and contains annual data for 26 countries: Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada; the Czech Republic; Denmark; Germany; Greece; Finland; France; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Japan; the Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Spain; Slovenia; Slovakia; Sweden; Switzerland; the United Kingdom; the United States; and it runs from 1960 till 2005/06.

The database covers four key elements of modern political economies in advanced capitalist societies: social pacts and institutionalised forms of cooperation between governments and social partners; coordination between trade union and employers; state intervention in labour relations; and trade union organisation. The measurements for social pacts and other forms of cooperation between governments, employers and unions (“new governance”), are accompanied by text-files. The content of the database follows the codebook described below.

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