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Prof. Andreas Follesdal

Updating of contact details has been discontinued on 31 August 2008.

Professor, Universitetet i Oslo, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

Project Involvement: Democracy Task Force


Universitetet i Oslo
Norwegian Centre for Human Rights
P.B. 6706; St Olavs Plass
N - 0130 Oslo
E-Mail: andreas.follesdal@filosofi.uio.no
Telephone: + 47 228 42 001
Fax: + 47 228 42 002
Personal homepage:
Homepage institution:
Biographical Note:
Follesdal is Research Director and Professor of Political Philosophy at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at the University of Oslo. His research concerns the political philosophy of the European Union, including issues of distributive justice, federalism, minority rights, deliberative democracy, subsidiarity and European citizenship. He received his Ph.D. 1991 in Philosophy from Harvard University as a Fulbright Fellow, and was a Fulbright New Century Scholar 2003, analysing the EU Constitutional Treaty. He is Founding Series Editor of 'Themes in European Governance', Cambridge University Press, and is a repeat Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Center for European Studies.
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