6th Framework Programme (2002-2006)
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List of NEWGOV Clusters & Projects

Emergence, Evolution and Evaluation:
01 The Evolution and Impact of Governing Modes

02 The Open Method of Co-ordination

03 Arguing and Persuasion in EU Governance

04 Legal Perspectives on Democracy and New Modes of Governance

Delegation, Hierarchy and Accountability:
05 New Modes of Governance in the Shadow of Hierarchy

06 After Delegation: Regulatory Agencies and Network Governance

07 Governance and the EU Securities Sector

08 European Public Services Regulation

09 Choice and Combination of Policy Instruments

10 Private Dispute Resolution: Legitimate and Accountable?

11 The Role of Civil Society in Democratising European and Global Governance

Effectiveness, Capacity and Legitimacy:
12 Coping with Accession: New Forms of Governance and European Enlargement (COPA)

13 The Domestic Impact of European Law

14 Smoothing Eastern Enlargement: Independent Regulatory Agencies and Non-Hierarchical Steering

15 Evolving Regional Governance Regimes: Challenges for Institution Building in the CEE Countries (EVOLVIN)

16 Inside-Out: New Modes of Governance in Relations with Non-Member States

17 Democratisation, Capture of the State and New Forms of Governance in CEE countries

Learning, Experimental Governance and Participation:
18a Distributive Politics, Learning and Reform: Emergence and Evolution of National Social Pacts

18b Distributive Politics, Learning and Reform: Emergence and Evolution of Administrative Partnerships

19a New Approaches to Economic Governance in the EU (ECONPOL)

19b New Approaches to Economic Governance in the EU: The Politics of Central Bank Accountability in the Age of Globalization

20 'Varieties of Capitalism' and Economic Governance in CE Europe (STACEE)

21 Towards New Corporate Governance Regimes in Europe

22 Changing Governance Architecture of International Taxation (TAXGOV)

23 Learning and Local Innovation Systems

24 Democratisation/Participation of Civil Society in New Modes of Governance

Democracy Task Force:

Legal Task Force:
25a Legal Task Force Team Ia - New Modes of Governance and the relevance for EU law

25b Legal Task Force Team Ib - Which governance structures for European private law?

26 Legal Task Force Team II - Litigating EU-Law


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