6th Framework Programme (2002-2006)
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Project 15 Detail:
Evolving Regional Governance Regimes: Challenges for Institution Building in the CEE Countries (EVOLVIN)
Project completed

This project studied the role of new modes of governance in the implementation of regional development policies in Central and Eastern European new member countries. It focused on two aspects of NMGs in this policy field. First, which factors fostered and impaired the emergence of NMG in regional developmental governance in the new member countries? Second, to what extent, and if so, under which conditions have NMG helped increase the effectiveness of regional developmental policy making and implementation?

The project started with the exploration of the different modes of sub-national territorial governance in the CEE countries prior to the implementation of the institutional conditions of the EU Structural Funds and the way the EU regional developmental policies were introduced in these countries. The central goal of the project in that phase was to study the evolution of the governance of regional development in the CEE countries as a result of interactions between pre-existing institutions and the implementation of the EU rules of governing regional developmental planning and implementation. Also, we tried to identify the evolving diversity of modes of governing developmental planning in these countries with a focus on the factors that have helped or constrained the coming about of elements of NMG in this field. We prepared case studies in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland about the diverse institutional experimentations with sub-national socio-economic problem solving in these countries. In a separate study, we provided a conceptual framework for the study of institutional experimentation in these countries and for the analysis of divergent modes of governing regional development.



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