6th Framework Programme (2002-2006)
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The Network of Excellence CONNEX ("Connecting Excellence on European Governance") was dedicated to the analysis of efficient and democratic multilevel governance in Europe and had a 4 years duration (July 2004 - June 2008).

NEWGOV and CONNEX closely cooperated during the lifetime of the project and the network. While CONNEX was responsible for the organisation and management of the joint EUROGOV Papers and the Living Reviews in European Governance, NEWGOV organised two joint Summer Schools (2006 and 2007) open for younger researchers from both consortia and partner institutions.

CONNEX integrated independent fundamental research and mobilised outstanding scholars from different disciplines to deepen our knowledge on European multilevel governance. It built a Europe-wide research community which still stands for scientific excellence. It also contributed to the public debate on the future of European governance.

43 partner institutions from 23 European countries and more than 170 scholars cooperated within the network. The consortium was coordinated by the MZES (Mannheim Centre for European Social Research), a research centre at the University of Mannheim, Germany.




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