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Joint NEWGOV/CONNEX Dissemination Conference, 10 April 2008, Brussels

The Dissemination Conference “Governance in the EU: Are we on the right track?” took place on 10 April 2008 in Brussels. The aim of this conference was to present the main achievements of the CONNEX Network and the NEWGOV project to practitioners and stakeholders in the Brussels arena, that is the European Institutions and other Brussels-based institutions, multipliers such as European Think Tanks, interest groups, as well as journalists. Scholars from the two consortia presented controversial findings and by doing so questioned conventional wisdom and dissipate erroneous assumptions. The conference also demonstrated the value of spending money for social science research on EU governance by the Framework Programmes.

The conference was organised by the Network of Excellence CONNEX ("Connecting Excellence on European Governance") and the Integrated Project NEWGOV ("New Modes of Governance"). During the past four years, these two consortia have been dedicated to the analysis of governance in and beyond Europe, bringing together more than 250 scholars from all over Europe. CONNEX and NEWGOV are the first two large FP6 projects on governance coming to an end in 2008.

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