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New Modes of Governance in Europe: Governing in the Shadow of Hierarchy; edited by Adrienne Héritier, Martin Rhodes

The overall final report for the full duration was submitted to the European Commission for approval in late November 2008. A revised and extended version of this report has been published by Palgrave in late 2010, in the Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics series. Edited by the two Scientific Directors of the NEWGOV project, Adrienne Héritier and Martin Rhodes, the volume includes the perspectives of the four NEWGOV clusters and well as a contribution from the Democracy Task Force.

The contributors to this volume define governance as a specific mode of production of norms and public goods created via co-production; where the co-producers transcend different levels in Europe's multi-level polity. These 'new' forms of governance reflect the growing importance of public-private decision networks involving different levels and types of public authority. Such forms incorporate a new style of decision making that is heavily dependent on non-hierarchical and mutually-interdependent relationships along with a novel problem-solving style aimed at building consensus.

The volume explores the roots, execution and applications of the new forms of governance and evaluates their success. It also examines the possible structural consequences of the application of these modes at European and national levels, and their implications for democratic accountability. 


  • New Modes of European Governance - An Introduction, Stefano Bartolini
  • New Modes of Governance  - Policy Developments and the Hidden Steps of EU Integration, Udo Diedrichs, Wulf Reiners, and Wolfgang Wessels
  • Governing in the Shadow of Hierarchy: New Modes of Governance in Regulation, Adrienne Héritier and Dirk Lehmkuhl
  • Drawing Closer to Europe  - New Modes of Governance and Accession, Tanja A. Börzel
  • Seeking Commitment, Effectiveness and Legitimacy – New Modes of Socio-Economic Governance in Europe, Martin Rhodes and Jelle Visser
  • Evaluating Trustworthiness, Representation and Political Accountability in New Modes of Governance, Richard Bellamy, Dario Castiglione, Andreas Follesdal, and Albert Weale
  • Conclusion: New Modes of Governance  - Emergence, Execution, Evolution and Evaluation, Adrienne Héritier and Martin Rhodes

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