6th Framework Programme (2002-2006)
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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee co-ordinated the project under the control of, and in compliance with the decisions of the General Assembly. The Steering Committee assumed overall responsibility towards the General Assembly for liaison between the Parties for analysing and approving the results generated under the clusters.

In particular, the Steering Committee was responsible for the general co-ordination of activities across the clusters, and between the different Work Packages; the development and delivery of the research projects and of supporting dissemination and training activities; and the co-ordination of periodic reports, which were delivered to the Commission.

The Consortium Steering Committee was composed of the Director of the RSCAS, who served as chairperson of the SC, the Scientific Director, the four cluster co-ordinators, an adviser responsible for intensifying links in the new member states, a legal and an economic adviser. Two representatives of the practitioners community and the co-ordinator of the partner Consortium, the Network of Excellence CONNEX, were also members of the Steering Committee.

The cluster coordinators had a special role both within the Steering Committee and the project as a whole. In particular, they advised and monitored projects so as to ensure that transversal objectives were met, especially including appropriate coverage of the new member states or developing links with relevant practitioner communities. By representing their cluster in the Steering Committee they strengthened the complementary oversight mechanisms for the Consortium and liaised with each other to promote cross-cluster coherence.

The Steering Committee met several times a year in person, and otherwise held virtual meetings and consulted electronically.

[Members of the Steering Committee]

Steering Committee meeting in Florence, 17 January 2005


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