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Independent Scientific Evaluation of NEWGOV

The NEWGOV Integrated Project has been evaluated four times during the course of the project (cf. progress reports). Three independent scientific experts, selected by the European Commission, reviewed the progress of the project and its interim and final results. The final review report concluded that NEWGOV "qualifies as an excellent project".

In their final review report, the evaluators highlighted the following aspects:

"This integrated project has been dedicated to analysing causes, emergence, forms, development and effects of so-called “new” modes of governance in the European Union. Although the focus was on the new modes of governance within the EU, the research has substantial relevance for other levels of government. The work of this group has altered the state of the art in the study of policy instruments and alternative forms of service delivery, not only in the European Union but also more generally in the study of public policy."

"The output of this project has been impressive in terms of quantity and quality. The publication record is outstanding. Also, the dissemination to the academic community and to a wider public is very satisfactory. Indeed, some of the dissemination work has been extremely creative and effective. "

"The structure developed to integrate researchers worked very efficiently and was indeed extraordinarily well managed. Further the research was comprehensive and well-integrated. The project has achieved very good results across the different clusters. If anything the research project has exceeded any reasonable expectations for a project of this sort."

"The principal challenge during the final phase of this project, beside the accomplishment of its many sub-projects, has been the integration of the vast amount of research carried out. This challenge, requiring a comprehensive comparative analysis of the various findings, has been successfully begun although it will require continued work to complete. One can indeed consider that this project has contributed to a fuller understanding of the multifaceted concept of governance in the context of European integration."

"Dissemination was very good within the academic community and very satisfactory concerning practitioners. The involvement of the legal community in the process has been especially noticeable. This project has also done an extremely good job of cooperating with other projects, notably with CONNEX."

"The administrative and financial management appears to have been performed very well. The project has been managed extremely effectively throughout the course of the project."


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